[Photo] Meteor Showers & The Dark Sky Program

A 30-second exposure of a shower of falling stars, as seen from the Zselic Starry Sky Park in Hungary on the night of August 13th. (Rafael Schmall / Schmall Rafael Photography)

The Dark Sky Program in Hungary has nominated several areas for protection from light pollution – all the better to get some spectacular views of meteor showers. One such area is the Starry Sky Park in the Zselic Landscape Protection Area – faint phenomena such as the Zodiacal Light are clearly visible with the naked eye.

The Perseid showers, which occur each August when Earth passes through particles left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle, are an example of the sort of galactic phenomenon visible from the park.

Interested in catching sight of some meteor showers yourself? The next shower of interest to stargazers is the Orionids on October 20th-21st. They will be visible after midnight, facing southeast for us Northerners, northeast if you’re hailing from Australia or South America.


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