3, 2, 1… Launch!

This year’s edition of the McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal (MSURJ) will be launched today! Thank you to everyone who submitted articles for this year – we were thrilled with the wide range of topics we saw.

Our launch party on April 1st was a huge success, and we are so glad so many people could join us!  Want some background on the articles that were released in our latest edition? Check out our profiles of some of the authors that are published in this year’s journal to find out more about who they are and what they did!


Jenna Hotton

Ran Shu (2)

Ran Shu

Aaron Eger, student of Honours Environment at McGill, combines his loves of science and the ocean to research the field of marine biology.

Aaron Eger

Riaz photo

Haider Riaz

Gamma Ray Screencap

Felix Cormier, Marcel Georgin,

Stephen Koelbl, and Robert Oda 


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